10 Things to Keep in Mind When Shipping Internationally

When it comes to shipping, be it overseas or locally, you need to take into consideration several aspects of the different processes into mind. The clear distinction that is international shipping has more complex procedures than of national or local shipments. To make life somewhat easier, we have listed 10 things to keep in mind when shipping internationally.

  1. Understand Customs Regulations – Customs regulations differ from country to country, and Transco Cargo can ensure that you are made aware of them. Transco Cargo can also act as a customs broker to help in clearing the cargo through customs upon arrival at the destination port.
  2. Knowing the Custom Fees –Customs fees may be charged by the custom authority. This depends on the value of the product being shipped as well as the destination country. If the value of product is high, your customs fees may be too.
  3. Understanding Shipping Tariffs –These includes the charges levied by the shipping company and any additional freight taxes that are applicable based on the products.
  4. Knowing Times of Transit – Often when opting for air freight, you will receive your cargo earlier than sea freight. However, this depends on the type of cargo. In the case of heavier cargo, sea freight offers FCL and LCL where FCL offers faster transit times over LCL due to consolidation
  5. Packaging Correctly – ensuring that the right shipping box or crate is used based on the product(s) at hand is vital. Furthermore you also need to package them correctly and include padding materials so that they are safeguarded during transport. Speak to Transco Cargo about shipping boxes and crates.
  6. Choosing the Medium of Transport – When shipping internationally, choosing your medium of transport is important for timely delivery and affordability. You can choose between the likes of air freight and sea freight. The type of product also matters when choosing your shipping option too.
  7. Understanding Restricted Items – Every country has their own list of restricted items that will be held up at customs when clearing. Ensure that you are not held up by reading up lists on the Transco Cargo page.
  8. Rules for Shipping Perishables – When perishables are being shipped internationally, there are rules that relate to them which you are as the consignee are to follow. thus you should be aware that when shipping internationally when perishable are concerned, you should also consider refrigerated container too, and that rules may differ from one country to another,
  9. Rules for Shipping Pets and Plants – When you are shipping livestock or pets, as well as plants, there are special procedures and documents that will need to be taken care of. Make sure all these have been accurately filled and nothing has been left unattended.
  10. Shipping Insurance – In the event a natural disaster may occur, shipping insurance is a great to ensure that you are safeguarded. Transco Cargo is able to assist you wit recommending a shipping insurance agent for your convenience.