2020 Transport, Shipping and Logistics News

2020 has been a year filled with ups and downs, and considerable changes and adaptations. With COVID-19 safety regulations were lifted in some states of Australia, others went into lockdown to curb the spread. However, with concern to 2020 transport, shipping and logistics news, there are few updates. Here are some notable news worth keeping an ear out for.

Regional Regulation in Shipping –During the virtual Global Maritine Forum, Llyod’s Register stated that the need for zero-carbon vessels entering the world fleet by 2030 is necessary along with the necessary fuels and land-side infrastructure.

Spiraling Surcharges –Whilst operatoins have resumed to full operations, surcharges are still not under control, and a permanent solution is needed.

IMO Emissions –International shippers have urged the European Union to address ship emissions through the Interational Maritime organixation to avoid various shipping lines being hit by various emissions systems being put in place to ensure a balance market based measure.

Supply Chain Disruptions – the Anti-COVID restructions being set by different countries has the potential of becoming a massive supply chain disruptor. With calls to governments to ensure continued supply of goods for balance economic flow.

Waterfront Union Strikes at Fremantle, Kwinna and Port Botany – Industrial action and strikes continue

NTM on Stevedore Charges – The need for reforms in terms of stevedore charges concerning infrastructure charges and terminal access charges were highlight

NWS Government to expand Port Botany – Container storage facilities to be expanded with NSW government easing on restrictions on storage heights.

Legislations–the likes of the following to name a few have been presented.;

  • Marine Pollution Amendment (Review) Bill 2020
  • Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2020
  • Road Transport Amendment (Digital Licensing) Bill 2020
  • Transport Legislation (COVID-19 Emergency Response) Regulation (No 2) 2020 (Qld)
  • Road Amendment (Miscellaneous) Rule 2020
  • Heavy vehicle National Law – New South Wales Class 3 Livestock Transportation Exemption Notice 2020 (No.1)
  • Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule – Definitions and Vehicle Categories) 2005 Amendment 10
  • Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 61/02 – Vehicle Marking) 2005 Amendment 3