Shipping Cars from Australia

Looking for a means of shipping cars from Australia to another country? Need some insights and advice on how best to ship a vehicle overseas from Australia? Transco Cargo can help you decide which shipping option may be best for you as well as take care of the documentation, loading, and customs brokerage on both ends! Shipping cars from Australia (or any country, for that matter) is pricey especially with the investment, therefore it’s always a good option to keep car-shipping costs down, and here’s how! Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know!

Shipping Cars from Australia Transco Cargo FCL RORO Shipping

Firstly, you should be aware that there are two popular shipping methods when it comes to shipping vehicles overseas. You have the option of either going with FCL (Full Container Load) or RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off). The choice of shipping method also pertains to the vehicle you are attempting to ship and which option is feasible based on circumstances. One of the things to note is that RORO is the cheapest shipping method when shipping cars overseas.

Shipping a Car with RORO

If you are looking to ship a vehicle overseas the RORO method is best because a) it is the cheapest option and b) it’s the best option when shipping this one vehicle and not anything else. Shipping vessels are fitted to accommodate vehicles that can be rolled on and rolled off, that means to say, that the vehicle will be driven into the shipping vessel and then secured for transport. There are some requirements expected from you when you choose RORO shipping which includes the following.

  1. The vehicle should be empty in terms of anything that is not part of the interior of the vehicle. Items include personal effects, electronics (including GPS/Navigational systems, chargers, music systems etc), and other accessories that have been fitted in.
  2. Making sure that there are no leaking fluids is crucial. Therefore, make sure to check whether your vehicle is not leaking oil, water or anything else. It should be noted that if there is leakage, your vehicle will not be loaded and you will have to repair it at your own cost before it can be loaded for shipping.
  3. Since your vehicle will be driven in and driven out, you should check that the fuel tank is no more than ¼ tank full.
  4. The overall condition of the vehicle should be in good working condition.
  5. In order for most customs clearance and quarantine inspections, its always best to clean your vehicle before shipping. This includes vacuuming the interior, cleaning the exterior, and also the engine bay and under body.

Shipping a Car with FCL

When you’ve chosen FCL, it means that your car will be stored inside a container.  Basically, you opt to send a car and you do not want to share the container with anybody else. By strict policy, if you are to send a vehicle via container, at Transco Cargo, we recommend FCL shipping. Also, if you choose this option, you are also able to send more cargo along with the vehicle, which is great when moving overseas and wanting to send your household goods and personal effects along with your vehicle. In the event you’re looking to do the latter, consider a 40ft container shipment on FCL basis. To find out what you can include inside a container, make sure to check out our previous week’s blog post – Container Shipping Overseas with Transco Cargo.

Find out how Transco Cargo can help you with shipping cars from Australia to the likes of Sri Lanka or Dubai by contacting us through our quick quote option on our website!