Amazon Shipment Handling Made Easy with Transco Cargo Services

If you are embarking on the prospect of becoming an Amazon Seller on Amazon Marketplace, we offer you our heartfelt congratulations! With many rewards in store, Amazon has opened many business models and means of achieving business return on investment with lower overheads. You are able to utilize the ecommerce platform and tap into the many established service Amazon has fine-tuned over the years. So, how can Transco Cargo help you with your new venture? We can make Amazon shipment handling easier, should you partner with us. Let us tell you how!

Transco Cargo provides a myriad of services that facilitates the moving of goods from the manufacturing point to the buyer and thereafter the final point of delivery at the consumer. The good can be shipped on ExWorks or Free on Board basis depending on your preferences. The point in which Amazon shipment handling comes into the picture is when the shipment arrives in the country after customs clearance where the final shipping fulfilment needs to occur. At this point, you can choose whether the rest of the shipping fulfilment is to be done by Amazon or by the Merchant. FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is the process in which Amazon will handle the order fulfilment. FBM or Fulfilment by Merchant is where the Amazon Marketplace merchant handles fulfilment and assigns a shipping company to do the needful.

The process of the goods travelling from an overseas country for its manufacturing then being shipped to a different country altogether can seem daunting, but if you collaborate up with Transco Cargo for Amazon shipment handling, we can offer a series of services. From pickup of your goods from the manufacturers to handling customer clearances until reaching the Amazon warehouse on Amazon FBA shipment handling basis. If you opt for Amazon FBM shipment handling, we further offer the option of packing and packaging, warehousing and also final delivery to your customers too.

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Get the best of both worlds with our Amazon shipment handling services, whether you opt for Amazon FBA or FBM. Give us a call to find out more information on how you can collaborate up with us to help you get ahead.