An Introduction to Shipping to and from India

Figuring out the different processes that is involved when shipping and to and from India is something that we undertake on your behalf.  To avoid any delays when shipping to and from India, knowing the basics is the best course of action. At Transco Cargo, we have put together a quick guide and introduction on shipping to and from India, whether it’s parcels or boxes. There a few specific factors we have to look at when shipping to and from India, and those are namely; prohibited/restricted items, shipping documentation/customs clearance, personal effects/gifts, and shipping to/from remote areas.

Every country, as does Australia, has their own set of restrictions and regulations that one must follow. It is the same when you partake in shipping to and from India. Prohibited items when shipping to and from India include the likes of pornographic and obscene content, maps/literature indicating incorrect external boundaries of India, ivory, whereas restricted include second hand goods, medicine (of any quantity), used electronics to name a few. For the complete list of prohibited/restricted items, visit “Restricted Items for Imports – DGFT”. Whilst when you opt to ship parcel/boxes/chests to and from India, documents shipping are exempt from such restrictions. It’s extremely important that one adheres to the list and avoid any issues that could arise due to the type/nature/category of your cargo goods.

In the spirit of shipping to and from India without a hitch, it’s important to ensure that documentation and customs clearances procedures along with its relevant documentation is carried out with due attention. At Transco Cargo we not only take care of the shipping documentation required for shipping to and from India, but also are experienced to handle customs clearance/customs brokerage services.

When it comes down to personal effects/gift items that would usually be sent via courier or parcel post, regardless of which option you opt for, there are still some restrictions of what can be send via parcel post or courier shipping to and from India. These include the likes of the following which are restricted personal effects/gift items that come under scrutiny when sent via courier/post; aerosols, dairy items, furs, ivory, fresh food items, animals, cash, nail polish, perfume, plants, tobacco and even seeds. Furthermore, there are certain gift items that are exempt from duty and taxes. The gift exemption is listed as INR 10,000 for both gifts and up to 10 business samples of the same kind. It should be noted that the recipient is responsible for paying duty/taxes on such items, but if you are sending a gift, you can request for those charges to be charged to the sender and not the recipient.

One last thing to mention when shipping to and from India is the fact that India is a large sub-continent with a diverse geo landscape. There may be a surcharge when shipping to such remote locations to ensure delivery.