Auto Shippers 101: What You Need to Know When Shipping a Car from Australia

For those looking to ship a car from Australia to Asia, South Africa or anywhere in the world, there are a few procedures that one must go through and a few way that you can do it. Today, in the Transco Cargo Australia blog, we look at what you need to know when shipping a car from Australia. By car, we do not limit ourselves, but also include anything from jeeps, motor bikes and more.

There is one way that seems easiest to do, which would be shipping a car via a RORO (Roll On Roll Off) shipping vessel which are greatly used for automotive dealers as it means that the vehicle is driven onto the vessel, latched on for safety during the journey and driven off at the destination port. This will require fuel in the tank. However, another way you can go about shipping a car from Australia is via container shipment. Via this method, there a few things to keep in mind and we will go through each item one by one for your information.

When you are in the process of shipping a car from Australia, one thing to keep in mind is that Australian vehicles are all right-hand steering wheel models, and thus you should ideally only export the vehicle to a currently that also facilitates the same along with left side driving. These include most countries from the commonwealth or those that were previous British Empire colonies.

The fact of the matter is that unless the country you are shipping a car from Australia to will also fall in line with the same driving patterns, it does not make sense to export a vehicle to the country. But if not, the following includes what else is required when exporting or shipping a car from Australia.

You will need to prove ownership prior to shipping a car from Australia, and should have it paid in full, this is usually with a Bill of Sale copy. If one is not present, a valuation may be needed.  Furthermore, you will need to have an import permit/license (which may differ from country to country). You may speak to the Transco Cargo Auto Shipping Agents to find out more on this.

If you are choosing RORO method of shipping a car from Australia, then you will need to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. This is essential; if any belongings are found the vehicle will not be allowed to be boarded onto the RORO shipping vessel. Furthermore, your vehicle should be in good running condition and be fully operational.  If these are not adhered, shipping a car from Australia will be done through containerisation only and will be driven into a container and a ratchet/harness will be used to hold it down for safety.