What is Cargo Customs Brokerage Exactly?

We’ve all been there. Where, you ask? Well, trying to figure out how to get your cargo or goods cleared through customs. If you don’t know what to do, we have some insight for you. Clearing your cargo through customs involves procedures that need to be followed whether you are importing merchandise or shipping goods to the world. It’s always a good idea to hire a Cargo Customs Broker to assist you along the way, or frankly, just handle it all together.

There are many instances where a Customs Broker comes in handy. One instance would be if you are shipping cargo out to the world, and another if you are receiving cargo from overseas. There are so many procedures you need to handle, a lot of paperwork to fill, as well as a lot of payments that need to be taken care of which includes taxes and tariffs too. Essentially, through a cargo customs brokerage service you can get help to get all of this done, without a fuss.

At Transco Cargo, you can be assured that assistance will be provided with utmost care and commitment. From all the documentation that you will require for government customs regulations for import and export of goods, materials and merchandise, to payments of taxes, tariffs and excises; it will all be taken care of so that you need not worry. Your time is valuable to us as it is to you, and we make sure that it isn’t wasted by handling all the dealings of clearing your imports/exports through customs, if you choose us at Transco Cargo.

But that’s not all that is offered to you. Transco Cargo is part of Transco International, and with it more value added services can be extended to our clients by offering a hand-in-hand offer, a two-for-one or a ‘twofer’ as some call it. Not only will Transco Cargo act as a Customs Broker but also help you in collecting/delivering your goods and merchandise to the necessary location/destination. How convenient is that? The best part is Transco has the ability to even offer their containers and other services too, from start to finish.

Basically, Transco will have your goods safely reach its destination with the required exports and customs requirements fulfilled and alternatively collect and deliver any imported merchandise, ensure that it is cleared through customs and all import fees have been paid before reaching its final destination.  Other services offered under the Transco International umbrella include Air, Sea and Post Clearances, Tariff Valuation & Consulting, Tariff Concession Applications, and Tariff Classification Advice. Transco Cargo is truly the one-stop shop for all your shipping needs. Get a free quote today!