Cargo Shipping to Sri Lanka from Australia

Transco Cargo offers services of cargo shipping to Sri Lanka from Australia and has been a trusted name in the freight forwarding industry. Offering freight forwarding services from Australia to the world with  integrated logistics solutions including air and ocean freight forwarding, packaging, warehousing services, removals and relocations to customs brokerage, international cargo shipping, supply chain and logistics management services, we not only service commercial cargo clientele but also personal effects shipping too. With shipments of cargo shipping to Sri Lanka happening every month, you are assured of our continued support from pickup, packing and customs clearance and delivery as part of our tailored logistics solutions offer.

Transco Cargo Blog Cargo  Shipping to Sri Lanka

With cargo shipping to Sri Lanka, there are certain things you should be aware of.  These include regulations by Sri Lankan customs authority, restricted items and more. We will be offering you insights into these to ensure that you are making an informed decision when opting for cargo shipping to Sri Lanka. We believe in a transparent relationship and therefore will always ensure our service level pertain to that standard.

When cargo shipping to Sri Lanka, it is considered an “import” into the country. An import is defined as “a commodity, article or service brought in from abroad for sale”. Pertaining to import, there are import laws, tariffs and licenses that are required depending on the category that a certain product falls under such as Importation of Drugs, Vehicles, Chemicals, Telecommunications & Electrical Equipments, and Miscellaneous Items. More information on these Guidelines for Import Control Licensing Procedures can be found on the Department of Import and Export Control website.

In terms of Customs Ordinance and Regulation, whether it’s general, inwards regulations, entry of goods, port dues, warehousing of goods, and more, there are many things to consider which Transco Cargo is more than capable of handling as we are well versed in customs brokerage and clearance services. For further information customs tariffs, please visit the Sri Lanka Customs website.

When it comes to restricted items/commodities when cargo shipping to Sri Lanka, we aware of the country’s laws by being forthcoming with your Transco Cargo sales representative to ensure that no issues pop up or declare them in the Shipping Declaration Form or be wary of the following information.

• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Anti-religion materials
• Indian and Pakistani currency

• Pets – import required obtainable from nearest Embassy or Mission
• Weaponry and ammunition – with permission only. Contact the nearest embassy for more details.
• Cultural artefacts
• Plants, animals any part thereof and foodstuff. For more details please contact nearest Embassy
• Medicines, for personal use only, in original packaging and accompanied by the prescription and doctor’s note.
• Currency – any local or foreign currency exceeding equivalent of US $15,000 needs to be declared, local currency (Sri Lanka Rupee) up to 5,000.

Information courtesy of VisaHQ