Customs Consultancy with the Experts

For many customs clearances and declaration can seem daunting especially if you’re new to the game, especially when new regulations and restrictions are being introduced. That is why customs consultancy with the experts, Transco Cargo, can help in ensuring that your interested are safeguarded and secure. With the customs governance changing frequently ensuring that you are compliant with the needful is vital to ensure your business stays informed.

Customs delays can often be a huge disruptor for businesses that rely on smooth supply chain processes and to ensure that you avoid such delays ensuring that you are compliant when shipping your goods and also being compliant is crucial. To avoid delaying your timeline and not to mention avoid unnecessary customs charges, you can utilize the customs consultancy option with us at Transco Cargo to help you navigate the “customs waters”.

Our team of customs clearance experts will assist you with all customs consultancy scopes from clearing your goods through ports/airports, and also in tariff, tax, and duty management.  Our Customs Consultancy services include the likes of the following;

  • Tariffs – Our team of customs consultancy experts will not only help with providing you advice in terms of tariffs but also assist in tariff concession applications processes to avoid overpaying on items that you need not
  • Advice on Free Trade Agreements
  • GST and Duty Refunds, as well as GST exemptions, deferral and rulings.
  • Permit applications through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Import documentation audits
  • Advice on packaging including labelling, trademarks and more.

Let us at Transco Cargo assist you to ensure your cargo shipment is compliant by our experts in Customs Consultancy.