Excess Baggage Shipping from Australia

When you are traveling abroad and you end up with more baggage than you planned, you may find yourself with a need for excess baggage shipping. This is due to your airline being unable cannot accommodate due to weight restrictions or because you may have to pay hefty excess baggage fees.  You may be someone travelling on vacation and bought way too much stuff to bring back on the plane. You may also be an importer who wants to bring back a lot of goods with you. There may even be a chance you may be migrating to another country for a new job with all your belongings to start a new life. No matter what it is, we at Transco Cargo can assist you to sort out your excess baggage shipping and make things easy for you.

Transco Cargo Excess Baggage Shipping Services

On Business

If you are a businessperson and you travelled overseas to procure items for your business unavailable in your country, you would want to bring back as many of those items as possible. If you want to ship back all the extra things you bought on your buying trip, we are the perfect company to hire. We can help in numerous ways, such as helping with the excess baggage packing of boxes and to wrap your cargo with appropriate packaging. Transco Cargo can also help you fill out all the paperwork and arrange freight at our earliest.

On Holiday

Airlines only allow passengers to allow a certain weight of baggage on a single flight (depending on the flight and country) but on average it is about 11kg. This may be adequate for your first flight to the destination but no one comes back from a holiday empty handed. All your gifts, souvenirs, and clothes will need to be shipped back separately and we can offer you an outstanding service for you. Simply dial our number and speak to us, and we will arrange everything and let you know a date when you can expect your baggage.

Moving for a job

The global job market is becoming more and more competitive. Many people are faced with a decision to move abroad for employment if they want to succeed as many people are offered great employment opportunities overseas. It is an exciting but strenuous process and your life will be completely uprooted. You can free yourself from some of that burden. Let us handle your logistical requirements. We will ensure all your belongings are packed safely and sent to the destination by the time you reach there.

At Transco Cargo, we offer fair and competitive rates for our excess baggage services. We usually charge by weight per item but for items with unconventional shapes, (such as surfboards, chairs, and more), we will charge by volume. You do not need to worry about extra baggage when you travel overseas again. We will ensure the safe delivery of your baggage. We will pick up your baggage from your door and make sure it is waiting for you on the other side. Get in contact with us and we will offer you a world class, professional service no matter what your budget is!