FAQ : Exporting from Australia

Are you planning of exporting goods from Australia? If you are a trader or businessperson, the following will be useful to know.

Transco Cargo Exporting from Australia Export Trade Tips FAQ

What Steps Do  I Need To Take To Start Exporting From Australia?

Two of the most important steps that you need to take before you embark on the export trade is to know which country you want to export to as well as carry thorough research into the chosen country. When carrying out your detailed research into the country you have chosen to export goods to, make sure you highlight the following;

  • Import statistics of the product you intend on exporting from Australia. Also, check on the quantities and the origin of import of said product into that country.
  • Import duties attached to the products you intend on exporting.
  • Barriers to imports, items such as import licensing
  • Local taxes on the product
  • Frequency/Cost of Sea/Air freight from Australia to the export country
  • Regulations and/or product standards that will affect ROI; these include quarantine, consumer protection, etc.
  • Carry out PESTLE Research – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Factors
  • Make sure your export trade will comply with government sanctions & regulations

Once you’ve carried out the necessary research in detail, put together an Export Marketing Plan in which you can define your objectives and activities that will lead up to its success. This plan will be crucial if you plan to obtain financing from the banks/financial institutions.

What Goods Can I Export from Australia?

Whether you’re trading company or an individual, you are able to export almost any product from Australia. However, do keep in mind that certain products are subject to export restrictions and necessary procedures must be carried out. It is said that all exports need to be reported to the customs authority by the exporter/agent/shipping or Airline Company.

Where Can I Find an Export Freight Forwarder?

Transco Cargo is a freight forwarding company with three decades worth of experience, that is well-versed in the Australia export trade procedures and would be the best export freight forwarding provider for your export/trading business.

Will I Need an Export License?

You will only require an export license if you choose to export goods that have certain restrictions. These include the likes of the following (as stated by Australian Trade Commission);

  • Orderly marketing of primary products and commitments under marketing agreements, eg meat, wheat and wine
  • International agreements, eg. atomic materials and drugs of dependence
  • Control of quality
  • Conservation of Australian fauna and items of historical or cultural significance such as Aboriginal artefacts
  • Utilisation of Australian resources such as mineral ores and merino sheep

References: Australian Trade Commission (2015)