Freight and Logistics Industry in Victoria, Australia

Victoria’s economy is highly diversified by service industries including financial and property services, health, education, wholesale, retail, hospitality and manufacturing. Whilst these industries take up the majority of the employment market, with the state’s natural geographic advantages being taken into consideration, it’s clear that Victoria plays a great role in Australia’s freight and logistics plan for the future.

Transco Cargo, Victoria, Australia | Freight and Logistics Service Providers

The state of Victoria is known as the Freight and Logistics Capital of Australia. Its home to the largest container and general cargo port, as well as two curfew-free international airports and further supported by an extensive rail and transport network that clearly puts Victoria as the preferred location when it comes to the nation’s distributional, warehousing and logistics businesses. Transco Cargo, being one of the leading freight and logistics players in the market, in operation for over two decades, we have made a mark on the how commercial cargo and to personal effects shipping has evolved, whether it’s shipping to or from Australia.

According to the State Government of Victoria, it was said that in the year 2011, “the Freight and Logistics sector contributed between $19 billion and $23 billion to Victoria’s Gross State Product (GSP) … representing up to eight per cent of the Victorian economy”. As this sector plays a crucial role in the operations and support of other industries, it’s efficiency is a a key driver in the state’s economy. Efficiencies in the freight and logistics sector drives direct costs of freight forwarding operators, as well as plays an influencing factor on the end-results of creating higher-value services and products in the business arena, driving down costs of inventory, consolidating warehousing facilities and more.

With the State of Victoria growing steadily, it’s expected that the economy’s Freight Tasks will triple in strengths by 2050. The State Government of Victoria states that “Containerised imports and exports are expected to more than quadruple over the next 40 years. The challenge facing Victoria is to sustainably accommodate this dramatic growth”.

With expansion of capacity investments and development projects under way at the Port of Melbourne, and Port of Hastings capacity development in planning, there is a steady rise in growth expected from the industry. With more strategies and plans in effect with the Coalition Government, Victoria will continue to be the forerunner as the nation’s Freight & Logistics Capital.

At Transco Cargo, we will continue to give emphasis to providing cost effective services with the utmost reliability, maintaining our position as one of the most competent and reliable freight forwarding and logistics service providers.