Freight Cargo Import Haulage

The shipping process from picking up your cargo from the origin address to delivery (also known as freight cargo import haulage) is one that has s certain particulars that one needs to adhere to. As a reputed freight forwarding company, we at Transco Cargo International based in Australia and servicing the world, we ensure we help you every step pf the way.

So what is freight cargo import haulage? By definition, it is when your freight cargo is transported from the destination warehouse (or import warehouse) to its destination address (the consignee’s address). By norm it is done by truck, or even train, depending on location and distance it can also take up a few hours.

The freight cargo import haulage can easily be handled by the us, the freight forwarding company who will anyways be handling the international ocean freight, or even a local trucking company based on your requirements. In the event, you choose Transco Cargo to handle your import haulage; we may use our own transport fleet or one of our agents to assist us in import haulage on your behalf. Alternatively, the consignee can themselves pick up the cargo in an effort to save costs on import haulage. The freight cargo import haulage may move through various transport hubs to find the most efficient delivery route, and in some instances you are able to track your cargo as it heads towards you too (which may come at an added cost).

The responsibility of freight cargo import haulage and any payments that need to be made falls under the purview of the consignee, unless the incoterms are under Delivery Duty Unpaid/Paid (DDU/DDP). Many consignee opt to use   their freight forwarder inclusive of freight cargo import haulage for the  convenience that involves doorstep delivery. In such instances, customs duties are paid separately so that the process is smooth and easy.

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