What is Freight Forwarding and What It Means To You

Freight forwarding is an important factor in your supply chain especially if you deal with international suppliers and a fundamental link in your business model. Freight forwarding essentially is a service offered to businesses and companies that deal with imports and exports on an international, multi-national, global or transnational basis. What it actually involves is that the freight forwarding company, such as Transco Cargo Australia, will act as an intermediary between the client and various players in the transportation service industry to cater and fulfil your need for safe delivery of your cargo, as well as undertake the responsibility and duty of ensuring your requirement is met.

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One such example of using a freight forwarding service in Australia to ship your cargo from your current location to your destination of choice internationally (or otherwise) will involve a whole host of logistics and transport service providers, as well as being knowledgeable on the requirements and legalities involve in the import and export laws of each country’s ports.

A freight forwarding can either have and own their own carriers, or else utilise their partnerships and established business connections, from ocean freight service providers to shipping lines and more, to deliver the best service, the best price and the best course of action to ensure not only safe passage for your commercial freight, but also timely delivery within budget, with minimal burden to you. The pricing in fact, will depend on various factors from type of goods (hazardous, perishable, etcetera), origin and destination, special requirements, size & weight being some of the key factors.

One of the great things about utilising a reliable freight forwarding services company is that it will also take care of the ancillary services that are part and parcel of an international shipping industry. These will include liaising with insurance & customs documentation to clearance and more. Some of these documents include the likes of a Shippers Letter of Instruction, Shipping Declaration Form, Door Delivery Service Agreement, and a Packing List to name a few. Some freight forwarders also provide warehousing and storage facilities, air, sea & post clearances, tariff valuations & consultations, tariff concession applications, and tariff classification advice too.

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What does it mean in terms of Import/Export Companies & Transactions?

  • International: Importers Exporters without investments outside of their home countries.
  • Multi-national: Importers and Exporters invested in other countries but adapted to offering products/services to individual local markets opposed to coordinated offerings for each country.
  • Global: Importers and Exporters with investments in many countries with coordinated image and brand in each country across all markets.
  • Transnational: Importers and Exporters with investments in foreign operations, with a central corporate facility however each local market office is involved in marketing, R&D and other operations.