Holiday Shipping from China

Avoid the holiday rush so that you don’t get overwhelmed during Christmas time by ordering early. Many of us opt to look for deals online, going as far as importing from China. If you run a business, you can make use of the great discounts as well as take advantages of sea freight. So how do you go about getting the best from holiday shipping from China? Whether you have Christmas items on your list to buy or need to buy items for the Christmas rush, the holiday shopping from China can be easy provided you get in early.  Even if you do run an online shop, having the necessary stocks at hand for the holidays is also important.  There are a few factors to consider, these include the likes of the following.

Ordering Early for Holiday Shipping from China

The time to order for your holiday shipping from China is now especially if you want to receive your goods by Christmas is now! If you are planning to use sea freight then you need to keep aside six to twelve weeks ensuring it gets to you in time. Don’t forget that there are others too attempting to the same as you, so keep those in mind, especially with the likes of season delays.

Considering Production

If you are ordering specific items, then you need to also factor in time for production turnaround/lead times. Keeping a small buffer time can also give you enough time account for any unforeseen hiccups that may or may not occur. Ideally it would be best that you choose a supplier who has ready stocks that are shippable immediately thus making your holiday shipping from China.

Choosing Suppliers Carefully when Holiday Shipping from China

A good rule of thumb when choosing suppliers in any scenario is to be careful and vet them properly. When you are dealing with international shipments, it is imperative you do your research. This can be on product quality, customer service and as well as reliability.  Lead times/production times also differ from supplier to supplier and those must be considered before making an order. Being clear with expectations with your supplier and opening up communication for a smoother working relationship can ensure a smoother process altogether.