How Not to Shop for an International Shipping Company

What we look for when shopping for an international shipping company is clear but what you ever considered on what NOT to do when you shop for an international shipping company? We are here to help. Based on our industry expertise, Transco Cargo has been around for nearly three decades and thus, knows the ins and outs of international shipping quite well. So here are the things you should avoid when you shop for an international shopping company.  Let’s get started!

One of the things to avoid is, shopping based on price. If you are looking for the lowest prices when you shop for an international shipping company, you should keep in mind, you may be opening yourself up to the possibility of getting scammed. Remember the Chinese proverb, “cheap things no good, good things no cheap”? It applies with international shipping as well, whilst you get the lowest quote in the beginning, you may open yourself up to more costs finally as “unforeseen” issues may pop up that will pad your bill substantially. Avoid going through these problems by opting for a reliable and reputable international shipping company such as Transco Cargo.

Make sure you DO opt for the visual survey. Whilst some company may tell you that you will know best, there may be many difficulties that could arise if you aren’t aware of the various industry know-hows like a reputable shipping company would. If you get a visual survey done before a quote, it will be an informed decision without unexpected issues arising. For instance, a visual survey pre-quote will allow us to see the location and the street that the goods will need to be loaded onto the container or truck from. By assessing the cargo that needs shipment, the mode of transport can be decided upon, as well as whether parking permits need to be applied for, and other factors that may need to be factored in based on the size and weight of the cargo for international shipping. Thus, if you come across a company that says they do not need a visual survey, you should hear warning bells. This is especially important to note if you are moving overseas.

Always, make sure you do not skin on the documentation given to you. Whilst international shipping companies are able to handle all your shipping needs, it’s important to read everything and ask questions. We at Transco Cargo are always here to help so that you are well informed.