How to Ship with Transco Cargo Express

If you are coming across the Transco Cargo corporate website, we welcome you. You’re probably on the lookout for a shipping partner, to help you move your cargo from one location to the next. When you choose to ship with Transco Cargo Express, there are three phases in which you need to be prepare for. These include the likes of preparing your shipment, packing your shipment, and last, paying for your shipment.

Preparing your Shipment to Ship with Transco Cargo Express

When you choose to ship with Transco Cargo Express, preparing your shipment is essential. This will include figuring out the shipment weight, the documentation required to name a few.  When you ship with Transco Cargo Express, you may opt to ship a large but lightweight package, and in such an event, the cost to ship will be calculated based on volumetric weight as opposed to its actual weight for a fair estimate as to how much space it would take up during shipment which is a standard IATA protocol. To calculate the volumetric weight, you need only take the height, length and width in centimeters and multiply them, and then divide the sum by 5,000(i.e., (h x l x w)/5000).

Documentation usually includes the waybill and invoice.  All shipments need to have a properly filled out waybill or label to ensure that proper tracking can be carried out during the entire journey of your shipment.  Each waybill is properly numbered, and should be accompanied by the appropriate customs documentation as well such as a proforma invoice, and any additional paperwork necessary depending on the destination country as well as the contents and/or value of the shipment. Usually a proforma invoice is needed when shipping cargo that is classified as documents. This will detail the type of cargo, description of goods, your bank details, country of manufacture or origin, total value declared, the incoterms involved, and the reason for export of cargo.

Packing your Shipment to Ship with Transco Cargo Express

Packing correctly and choosing the right packaging goes a long way, for various reasons.  We do not recommend reusing used boxes due to the possibility that structural stability may be affected. In the event you do, we would advise that you use the “double-boxing” concept and also remove any prior labels or markers so they do not conflict with your shipment. You can also purchase shipping boxes, tea chests, and crates from the Transco Cargo offices as well. When you ship with Transco Cargo Express, we look at taking care of matters, and offer door-to-door service. Ship with Transco Cargo Express for your next shipment from Australia.