The Importance of Packing Your Cargo Correctly

We have stressed again and again on how packing your cargo correctly matters when shipping your goods via ocean sea cargo. Whether you are sending just shipping boxes or crates for personal effects shipment, or a container’s worth of cargo (choosing between a 20’ or 40’ container, you need to have then packed properly with due attention for safety. We will talk about how you go about them in detail further below.

The important of packing your cargo correctly is not only related to your own cargo but also to the safety and structure of other’s cargo that is sharing your container. Furthermore, when these items are packed into a container, ensuring that stability and safety is ensured is vital because if it is not done, it can hurt the stability of the container and cause damages during the sea journey.

Usually, when it comes to a LCL basis of shipping, where various customers drop off their shipping boxes and crates to the Transco Cargo offices, we carry out the container stuffing with the importance of packing your cargo correctly kept in mind. However, for those who have opted to pack their own cargo through FCL (full container load shipments), the task of packing the cargo is left to the customers responsibility. We are always on hand to offer a hand and not to mention advice on how to do so.

Not packing your cargo correctly can result in lots of damages, which can include any number of things, from damages to the cargo, the containers, logistics personnel in at various the origin and destination, equipment used for lifting and even the ship. At Transco Cargo, we offer our customers of undertaking insurance against damage especially when taking up FCL basis of shipping.

There are various ways in which damages can be caused and they include anything from packing improperly or incorrectly to insufficient packing measures taken to overloading the confines of the shipping container. All these factors can comprise the stability of the container, and the shipping boxes/crates and other effects included in the sea freight shipment.

One rule to remember during ocean freight shipping is the way the ship moves over the waves; heave – surge – sway – yaw – pitch- roll.  During these movements, the contents within the containers will move around if not properly packed into place with due restraints, and also if the contents within the shipping boxes and crates aren’t packed in with the necessary stuffing/packing materials, they too will move around. The conclusion would be that the contents will be damages, and invariably, so will the boxes/crates and the containers themselves.

For the matter of making your life easier, we have followed up this article with another to highlight how you can better understand the importance of packing your cargo properly in the follow-up post “Packing your Containers the Right Way