Importing and Customs Clearance in Australia

When you’re in the business of importing goods into Australia, or plan on entering into the import and sale industry, there are several things you need to know with regards to customs clearance in Australia. Knowing and being on top of the various procedures that goes into ensuring that your import or even export consignments are cleared and the regulations by the Australian Customs and Quarantine authorities is always advised.  Transco Cargo offers services for reliable customs clearance in Australia for all your import consignments.

Importing and Customs Clearance in Australia with Transco Cargo Customs Brokerage Services

It’s important to know of the regulations set by the customs authorities in Australia before you decide to import, being made aware of restrictions as well as charges that may entail when clearing your goods. Preparation of the correct and accurately filled documentation and working through the procedures of importing your goods is crucial to avoid any penalties that could ultimately lead to delays which could cause you to incur more costs as well as time wasted clearing your goods. It’s good to be proactive but also know that there are professionals such as Transco Cargo who are reliable and efficient at offering services of customs clearance in Australia.

At Transco Cargo, we ensure that you are made aware of the regulations and restrictions set by the Australia Customs and Quarantine authority, as well as all the necessary documentation is filled out and the correct import procedures are followed. From the clearance duty rates, duty concessions, and more, our customs brokerage services ensures that from the moment you sign-up for our freight forwarding services, you can also make use of customs clearance and brokerage services too.

One thing that you should  be made aware of if you’re a first time importer, or you are signing up with a new overseas supplier is that you need not be an expert in importing as you will have a reliable expert in import and customs clearance in Australia with Transco Cargo. When you sign-up with Transco Cargo’s customs brokerage service you will be made aware of the classifications of your import goods, duty rates, sales tax rates, import restrictions and tariff concessions and/or quarantine information (in case such circumstances arise). Certain prior certifications may be necessary with concern to your classification such as with food, wooden items, and etcetera.

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