Industrial Opportunities for Australian Freight

Australia has a great many exports, and these exports include the main ingredients used for the manufacture of batteries, which are a much needed items for the future of Industry 4.0 in the electrification component with the advent of Electric Vehicles. From Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt and Copper, Australia is slated revolutionize the domestic vehicle manufacturing industry should they make battery production central to their industrial strategy.

As the world looks for sustainable options and the growing need for electric vehicles (EVs), so does the growing need for batteries, which is expected to smooth out the fluctuations found in wind and solar. This will in turn drive up the demand for the likes of the lithium industry paving the way for industrial opportunities for Australian freight.

Australia tops the list of biggest lithium producing countries in the world, and has come up from not even being in the top 10 countries in 2016 to topping the list in 2020. It expanded its production capabilities to more than any other country in the world, with mineral reserves covering 90% of the element required for lithium-ion battery chemistry. There are many competitive advantages and industrial opportunities for Australian freight and the other industries too that are associated with mining of lithium.

As industrial opportunities for Australian freight are concerned South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria are at the forefront in terms of freight and logistics. South Australia, namely Adelaide is an established base for manufacturing and industrial works, operates as an iron refinery and is also on national and international freight routes making it an ideal location for industrial opportunities for Australian freight and global lithium industry. In Queensland, namely Townsville, you will find that it is a gateway to the mining and agriculture regions with an established mining logistics network system. In Newcastle, New South Wales, is considered a major trade and logistics hub which open up for industrial opportunities for Australian freight as demand for lithium grows. In Geelong of Victoria, as a significant port city and industrial center, the city is equipped with many capabilities and the region is a well-established transport and freight infrastructure, whereby the Port of Geelong is considered Victoria’s largest bulk commodity port.

As industrial opportunities in Australia freight grows along with the Industry 4.0 making head waves and driving for growth and prosperity in the nation, stay ahead of prospects and invest by keeping an eye out via the Australian Trade and investment Commission.

Image: TheLoadStar