Investments in Fiji

As a business owner with successful products and services already progressing well in the national market, the next platform for progression would be to attain success on the global arena. If you are looking to invest overseas, there are a number of means and business opportunities for investments in Fiji. The Fijian island are made up of approximately 333 islands set in the Pacific Ocean and a near-enough neighbour to Australia.

There are many traditional industries and those that are fast-growing in Fiji, from the likes of tourism, fisheries, agriculture, and manufacturing to the likes of ICT, food processing, resource-based services and more. A detailed list of industry sectors are as follows;

  • Agriculture
  • Audio Visual
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Mining & Groundwater Profile
  • Tourism

When it comes to doing business in Fiji, one must be well versed in the industries that are currently existing and find out which gaps one might be able to fill. Thus, when looking to carry out investments in Fiji, market research is key. Not to mention competitor research in the event your product or service already exists in the market. You can also view opportunities for investments in Fiji by visiting the “Investment Fiji Current Opportunities” web page for new listings such as investment ready projects, joint venture business opportunities, business and/or land sales, and also available office space for operations in Fiji.

However, as a foreign investor, you are required to follow certain rules and guidelines, and these include applying for and receiving approvals from various governing agencies in Fiji. These include the following.

  • Registrar of Companies – You will be required to reserve your company or business name
  • Investment Fiji – You will have to apply for the Investment Approval Tracking System (IATS) on behalf of the government
  • Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority – You will be required to register for tax and VAT purposes
  • Department of Immigration – You will be required to apply for a Fijian work permit
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji – For issues of shares and/or partnership interests
  • Local Town/City Councils – You will be required for a business license to operate in a respective area
  • Fiji National Provident Fund – Registration is required for employer/employee registrations

Detailed instructions for a Foreign Investment Registration Certificate (FIRC) can be viewed in the FIRC Booklet.

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