ISF Filing for Importing Goods into USA from Australia

Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a requirement for freight imported to the United States of America. If in any case it is not done correctly, importers can be charged with liquidated damage fees in $5,000 increments and cargo holds. It is therefore, important to keep the following in mind, prior to importing goods into USA from Australia.

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Sort Filing Early As Possible To Reduce Inaccuracy

It is best to complete your ISF 3 days ahead, of your planned shipment. This way, if there are missing details and information that you require from an overseas agent or a partners, you will have enough time to collate all requirements and file your ISF accurately with no errors. More often than never, mistakes do happen. Taking a few minutes to re check all the information you have entered for your ISF, could save you time and money.

Always Maintain A Record Of Original ISF Filings

Due to external errors or issues from your end, ISF data could get lost or deleted, and you will need a record of the original filings to prove you filed the ISF originally in an accurate, timely manner.

There are also mitigation rules for ISF liquidated compensations that U.S customs and Border Protection (CBP) have created. Proving that you did file the ISF ontime originally, will help avoid penalty charge.

If you have a history of not filing or even filing late, you will still need to file the ISF despite having missed the due dates. This way, the ports are able to realize that you are trying to sort compliance.

The Importance Of Monitoring ISF

The individuals who files ISF receives movement reports through their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) portal and you need ensure these reports are monitored, so always make sure you have the reports forwarded to you , if an external party files your ISF.

Another important check is, that to make sure your ISF is in par with your B/L and ensure there are no B/L irregularities in ACE. Ultimately the shipper is responsible for ISF, so you need to ensure you take control of the process.

Hire a Reputed Freight Forwarding Company for Importing Goods into USA

If you require guidance and assistance in your international shipping and customs issues, you could work with a customs broker, such as Transco Cargo and have us handle the ISF filings for you. Since filing ISF accurately is extremely important, failure or filing it incorrectly can lead to severe penalties between $5,000 to $10,000 per shipment.

By choosing shippers with good rapport and experience in such documentations, who are likely to avoid ISF issues altogether. Due to their strong relationships with the ports and CBP, they are often seen more favourable, which assists in easier resolutions, less fines in comparison to other shipper facing liquidated damages compensations.