What to know when Shipping from Australia with Transco Cargo

When you are looking for solutions for shipping from Australia, there are many options for you to take, however, we at your disposal to help you with all your needs. In this edition of our blog, we look at what to know when shipping from Australian with Transco Cargo.

Firstly, we should explain that there are several types of shipping solutions, and we will look at the methods and types of shipment procedures available. These include the following;

  1. Door to Door: the favoured type of shipment when shipping from Australian for your personal cargo requirements, such as with personal shipping, moving or overseas relocations. The process is as the name says; Transco Cargo will arrive at the given address, packs and picks up the cargo shipment for shipping from Australia and thereafter once it arrives at the destination, Transco Cargo will also unload and unpack your cargo at the destination address given.
  2. Door to Port: the option that most commercial exports for shipping from Australia, especially those in higher volumes and have their own fleet of transport vehicles would choose. This option is cheaper but things like Australian port fees would be added.
  3. Port to Port: Another option for larger companies that have their own fleet of vehicles when shipping from Australia, as well as the country you are shipping to, as well as the inhouse customs experts. For smaller companies, it is better to utilise a reputed shipping company such as Transco Cargo.
  4. Port to Door: it’s another option for commercial companies that have their own fleet in Australia and are able to deal with the intricacies of shipping from Australia. In other circumstances, you can simply drop off your shipping items at the Transco Cargo Melbourne bonded warehouses so that we can handle the rest on your behalf.
  5. By Sea: the most cost-effective option for when shipping from Australia; either through FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load) for your shipments based on volume, where the latter includes sharing a container with other shippers.  Usually shippers utilise LCL when they are not able to justify spending for a full container load and they opt to use consolidate container cargo as the cost of the container is also shared between the x number of shippers.
  6. By Air: the best option for need fast delivery and best suited for cargo that is not very heavy. Usually air shipping from Australia is done for expensive or urgent items.