Logistics and Freight from Australia

Looking for commercial cargo to personal effects shipping? Perhaps you’re looking for a specific type of shipping method. You could be looking for express delivery over road freight, or you could international logistics and freight from Australia over air and sea!

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If you are unaware what freight options are available to you, keep reading!

AIR FREIGHT: Air freight is often used for the convenience of instant gratification, in order to receive the likes of parcels to cargo faster. Essentially, it is the transfer of goods by personal or commercial air carriers/gateways. Though this form of international delivery is faster, it’s much costlier than the other options for logistics and freight from Australia.

SEA FREIGHT: The most commonly used option for international shipping; it’s also referred to as marine or ocean freight, where the mode of cargo transport is done by sea via either a ship or vessel. This option of logistics and freight from Australia for international cargo shipments is ideal when the delivery of the cargo is not time critical and when you are looking for an economical option to send heavyweight shipments or bulky cargo overseas.

EXPRESS DELIVERY: This form of delivery utilises many forms of logistic options to provide a fast and efficient means of delivery of goods be it by road, train or air. This is often referred to as courier services.

EXPORT SHIPPING: Export is the term used for shipping commercial cargo out of the port of a country into another country, where the seller is referred to as the exporter and the overseas buyer is referred to as the importer. The common choice of freight is by sea/ocean due   to the bulk quantity shipments and cost efficiency.

COMMERCIAL CARGO: This type of cargo refers to goods that pertain to a business nature, often hand-in-hand with import/export. When handling commercial cargo freight forwarding, the shipping company in charge will offer the best shipping solution based on mode of transportation depending on the cargo, the budget and delivery time requirements.

PERSONAL EFFECTS: As the name implies, it involves the shipments of personal effects/goods, from household items, clothing, and excess baggage to anything that is not to be used commercially. Often the choice of freight forwarding would be air but with excess baggage air freight is used.

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