Low Cost Shipping with LCL and FCL Freight

In our last post, we looked into the future of container shipping. To fully understand the trend and expectation of its future, we highlighted the history of the container shipping industry and how it has changed other industries for global trade with bringing in low cost shipping options with the introduction of both LCL and FCL freight, which stands for less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) freight cargo.

The possibility of low cost shipping is available via the likes of Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) which is the means by which container capacities are measured that allows for large amounts of cargo and goods being shipped across seas, with weekly departures makes trade and movement of goods easy.

FCL Low Cost Shipping

What are FCL shipments, you ask? They are simply “Full Container Loads” of twenty foot or forty foot containers, which allows for large quantities of cargo goods to be transported and the choice for global traders with manufacturing delivery deadlines to other countries. You may also take up this FCL low cost shipping option if you are looking for relocation, as in, if you need to pack up your household items or business items, everything from chairs to desks, and equipment and even vehicles. You can opt between the 20ft and 40ft container based on space required for all your goods. The process will involve a container being sent to the address for loading by the shipper themselves (assistance can be provided by the freight forwarder if required on case-by-case basis).

LCL Low Cost Shipping

So, what are LCL shipments as a low cost shipping option compared to FCL? As we said before, LCL stands for Less than Container Load. It means that that you are have less than a full container load worth of goods. You would rather not opt for a full 20ft/40ft container and pay the fees for the same. Thus, what happens is, you choose  the sharing option. Either a 20ft/40ft, will be shared between other shippers/parties and want to put to use this low cost shipping option. The process is different to that of FCL. Where the goods by each shipper need to be handed over to the freight forwarder for what is called consolidation of cargo into the container. It’s a popular choice due to being a low cost shipping option over air freight.

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