Missing Items in Shipments

One of the most frequent complaints would be about missing items in shipments when they finally arrive at its destination after going through transit and customs procedures. In this blog, we look at why this may have happened. Also included within the blog are what proper proceedings should be to investigate the matter of missing items in shipments in the event you have been blindsided by such an issue, especially when it comes to personal effect shipping overseas or internationally.

Missing Items in Shipments: Customs Refused Entry of Item

At times, in the event Customs have refused the item’s entry, these items will be removed from your shipping box and returned to our facility. Please be kind enough to get in touch with us concerning this to ensure they are dealt with. It is important to understand the customs regulations before packaging your shipping boxes and/crates to avoid such scenarios.

Missing Items in Shipments: Items went Missing during Shipment

Barcodes are utilized to ensure that your shipment passes through each milestone from the point of dispatch from our bonded warehouses. We can track your shipment at each point of processing after it leaves our facilities. In the event your shipment does go missing during transit and shipping, or confiscated by customs, we can raise the issue and have it investigated on your behalf. We recommend you purchase shipping insurance to safeguard you from such occurrences.

If any of the above has occurred, please be kind enough to contact us via our Transco Cargo contact form to raise an issue with the following concerns and items:

  1. Package looks as if it was opened before delivery
  2. Pictures of any damages in the package and items
  3. Copies of the purchase invoice

Missing Items in Shipments: Items not Shipped

In the event some items have not been shipped due to mistakes, they may be left in the warehouse should then not have processed through to the next milestone. Upon your inquiry, we will locate your product and process the shipment.

When it comes to shipping Personal Effects, Transco Cargo has a few recommendations when it comes to packing to ensure that damages don’t occur. Furthermore, we recommend you include all information with regards to contents in our packing list to avoid Customs clearing issues.