Package your gifts for Shipping Overseas

With Christmas soon approaching, for those whose family and other loved ones are residing overseas, it is important to find economical means of sending your gifts for shipping overseas. This usually means that your gifts will be sent via sea cargo freight and that means that you are required to package your gifts for shipping overseas. With Transco Cargo offering a means of door-to-door delivery, you are able to package your gifts accordingly either in individual gift boxes, or package your gifts for shipping overseas in larger shipping boxes or crates. Regardless, if you are planning wrapping these gifts before you ship them, you need to know how best to package your gifts for shipping oversees. In this blog, we break it down for you into a few easy steps!

Choosing the box you wish to transport your gift box is crucial. If you are have wrapped your gift up, then that usually means that the contents within are secure. In order for the exterior box to provide maximum protection during transport via sea freight, it is vital that the gift wrapping in the interior box and not the exterior. This will preserve the look of what is meant to be stuck under the Christmas tree. You can also opt for a gift bag which would make customs clearance easier.

Once you have placed your gift box within the shipping box, ensure that there is a fair gap between the interior box (gift box) and the exterior box (the shipping box).  Thereafter, fill in this empty space between those two boxes with packing peanuts, chips, or even newspaper to ensure the interior box does not move around.  We recommend using the two- box method mentioned above so that you are able to provide extra cushioning and also preserve the gift wrapping. Thus, when you package your gifts for shipping overseas, keep this in mind.

Once you have enough cushioning between the two boxes, make sure to reinforce any hinges, or flaps with packaging tape so that nothing come undone. This is very important if you are recycling an old or used box for shipping. You can also acquire new boxes via Transco Cargo too along with packing peanuts and other cushioning materials for shipping.

Make sure you also fill out the paperwork properly, as this will aid Transco Cargo in a smoother customs clearance procedure.   Packing lists should be mentioned and included with the box when handing over to the Transco Cargo representative.