Personal Cargo, Excess Baggage, and Courier Services to India

Household goods, personal effects such as clothing, books and gifts, or even excess baggage are all grouped into what the logistics industry refers “Personal Cargo” or ‘Personal Effects Shipping’. When you are looking for reliable courier services to India, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you affordable shipping rates to India based on your requirement, whether over sea or air cargo.

Personal Cargo Courier Services to India

If you are searching for the best courier services to India, look no further, Transco Cargo is the best shipping service provider to send cargo from Australia to India! With affordable shipping rates for sending personal cargo via courier services to India, you are well taken care of! Not only will Transco Cargo ship your goods international from Australia to India, but will also offer you the best shipping boxes or crates to suit your shipping needs, as well as be with you every step of the way. From shipping advice, documentation help, personal cargo clearance in India, and more. We’ll take care of it all! But that’s not all, we also offer some great promotions too, such as our 3rd Box Free Promotion concerning our Tea Chest shipping box that measures at 42cm (L) x 44cm (W) x 63cm (H).

Note: The above promotion is only applicable for Victoria-Australia customer.

Our expert team of shipping agents will diligently offer you the best advice from your inquiry to ship personal cargo to India, till the delivery of your goods. To further put your mind at ease, we have partnered with shipping insurance providers to insure your personal cargo too!

Excess Baggage Courier Services to India

Usually, when travelling, airlines have strict weight limitations with concern to your baggage. Your airline baggage allowance is by average 30kgs (such as with Air India, Quantas Airways, Virgin Australia), with high excess baggage fees based on your choice of airline. For example, of the date that this blog was published, Australia-India excess baggage fees included the following;

  • Air India: A$33 per 1kg
  • Quanta Airways: A$122 for each 5kg (i.e. approximately, A$24 per 1kg)
  • Virgin Australia : A$30 per 1kg

Why put yourself through the hassle of paying such high excess baggage fees, when you can ship your excess baggage ahead of time with Transco Cargo at the fraction of the cost. With reliable excess personal baggage shipping services as well as the added bonus of including shipping insurance with our partners, you are with the safest shipping providers in Australia! We can pick up your excess baggage or have you drop it off at any of our Pickup ad Drop Off locations for your convenience!