Personal Effects Shipping Packing Tips

Packing can either be done by you, or you can assign it to Transco Cargo who will ensure that your personal items with concern to personal effects shipping items such as household good and furniture are competently packed into the boxes or crates. However if you are planning on packing the personal effects yourself before handing it off to your freight forwarders, then it’s best to know the ideal packing instructions we’ve compiled a few for you!

Transco Cargo Boxes and Crates Shipping Personal Effects

  • Choose the right box, making sure that the box can hold its weight and is made out of heavy corrugated cardboard. You may use crates if the items are heavier and you require more space.
  • Protect and Pack making sure that you have cushioning/padding with packing chips, bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Seal carefully, making sure you cover all seams, preferably in an H-seam and not to leave any open areas.
  • Label your boxes with your name and destination address, as well as add a label with the same information on the inside incase the outside is torn/defaced.

Once your personal belongings, household items, furniture or other items you are planning on shipping overseas are correctly packed into boxes or crates, they will be protected using industrial wrapping and then secured to pallets for easier transport and safety in the case of sea freight route.

There are three modes of transporting your goods; road freight would be the choice when moving inland whilst sea/ocean freight and air freight are your choices when moving overseas.

The likes of road and sea freight in and from Australia are considerably cheaper whilst shipping by air is quicker but more expensive as the shipment time usually ranges between 4 to 5 businesses days when you have chosen to send items to countries that have high air traffic. However when you have a large number of items or they are heavy in nature, then it will be considerably cheaper to select shipping by sea, especially if you have the equivalent of one trunk worth of personal effects or more.

When choosing sea freight & cargo you will be charged a rate by cubic meter, therefore  you will be getting a cheaper shipping rate if you compare sea and air cargo services. However often, people in Europe choose road freight due to the need of crossing boarders as opposed to seas and oceans, this being the cheapest option of all three.

Once you’ve decided on the choice of transport to ship personal effects from your current location to another country, you will need the required documentation that should be filled correctly for effective personal effects shipping. Transco Cargo can be of assistance if any doubts come to mind.

After the goods have been shipped, a “Bill Of Lading” will be sent to the shipping destination which will be needed to collect the personal effects. This is a form of proof of ownership with regards to the shipment as well as to show that the necessary the docking charges have been paid. Once the local agent receives your bill of lading,  you be will be asked to settle customs clearance and handling charges and once they have been settled, you will be able to collect your goods.