Personal Goods and Shipping Containers to India

In the event that you are planning a life changing move, such as a moving from Australia to India for work, or returning to India are your university stay in Australia, you may seek our professional help to get all the personal goods, accumulated over the years, across the sea. After all, you can’t possibly fit everything into your suitcases. Therefore, we recommend you think about packing your personal goods and using shipping containers to India.

The choice of what mode of container shipment will be based on the number of boxes and crates of goods. You can choose between LCL or FCL basis of shipping container to India, based on your requirement.

Usually, when moving household and personal goods, most opt for FCL shipping. The FCL basis of shipping containers to India essentially means using a full container to send your goods. After all, FCL stands for “Full Container Load”. Many choose this option for moving their personal goods and household items when using shipping container to India. The reason is that it offers advantages such a better lead time as well as the risk of damage caused due to deconsolidation/reconsolidation is removed as the entire container will only container your own cargo, and will not be shared with other shippers such as with LCL.

LCL container shipments, which stands for “Less than Container” load is usually chosen when you are sending a few shipping boxes or crates, that is when you do not have enough cargo to fill up your own 20ft or 40ft container. The container will be shared with other shipper’s cargo, and may require deconsolidation and reconsolidation at any port the ship may stop at.

Nevertheless, there are advantages to both modes of shipping containers to India. Where FCL offers you a flat shipping rate per choice of container (that is either a 20ft or 40ft container), the shipping rate for LCL cargo is based on volume, specifically in cubic metres. Like we mentioned before, if you are thinking of sending a small volume of goods via container shipping to India, then opting for LCL would be more advantageous as you are only paying based on the volume you are taking up. Considering your other option, which would be air freight, ocean freight via LCL is considerably cheaper though time-wise, air cargo would be faster.

Considering these choices of shipping containers to India, let us know what your chosen mode of transport would be and why! For our shipping schedule and calendar to India; visit our website or have a look at the following image!

 Transco Cargo to India Shipment Dates Calendar