Personal Shipping when Moving to India

Are you thinking of making a move to India? Maybe you are looking for someone to help you with packing up and making the move. Let us at Transco Cargo help. As experts in personal shipping, we will make it easy for you. Moving to India is a big step, in fact nearly 8000 kilometres. We do not need to overcomplicate packing and shipping your items. Here is what you need to know, as you get ready for personal shipping when moving to India.
Transco Cargo offers comprehensive international shipping to and from India. We can help you with every step of the way. From the guiding you in your selection of shipping boxes or shipping crates, whether it is best to opt for LCL or FCL shipping based on the number of items. Most often, in our experience, if you are planning to ship the likes of your furniture, electronics, and perhaps even your motor vehicles and other such items of size, we recommend you choose FCL shipping via ocean freight. We will ensure that your items are packed and wrapped to ensure that they are packed to our standard and then loaded onto the shipping container, which will be parked at your home. When you’re opting for personal shipping when moving to India, often for a full house move, FCL is popular.
If you are opting to ship lesser items, then Less than Container load will be the next best option, where you share a container with others sending items to similar locales. Hereby, you can request the number of cardboard boxes or tea chests based on the sizes you prefer, and either let us pack you items or pack it yourself. When you opt for the latter, we recommend you follow strict packing instructions and utilize as much bubble wrap and padding materials to avoid damage during transport. You should remember that once your items leave your home, they will constantly be on the move and in different conditions, terrains, and you should take a lot of care, especially when shipping electronic and/or fragile items.
Also, make sure you take a look at the Indian prohibited or restricted goods list so you avoid shipping them by accident. These will cause unnecessary delays should you mistakenly pack them and hefty fines. By maintaining a packing list, you will also be able to keep track of all the items you’ve packed in each shipping box or tea chest, and we at Transco Cargo will help with filling out the shipping documents needed when you are personal shipping when moving to India. Let’s not overcomplicate things, give us a call and we’d love to deliver your goods with care!