Safety Measures when Shipping Cargo

As one of the best freight forwarding company in Australia, dealing with freight shipments within the national transport network and the world over, Transco Cargo ensure that safety comes first. Whilst we provide turnkey shipping solutions, from start to end, there may be times where you would want to do certain tasks of shipping cargo on your own. In such instances, we cannot stress how important safety carrying out shipping cargo is.

As reputed shipping company, we have the proper equipment for loading and unloading, from our warehouse to containers and vice versa. We also utilise specialised loading and unloading equipment such as a fork lists, hand trucks and other loading gear to make life easier on us. If you are loading and unloading on your own, then not only will you need to hire your own equipment, but also ensure that you are able to operate it without causing injury to yourself and your cargo. Safety measure when shipping cargo is a rule of thumb that should be adhered.

This also applies to what you are planning on shipping.  Often the restricted lists of items are straightforward. As you are packing your shipping boxes or crates, you should definitely avoid the likes of the following to avoid unnecessary delays and complications. Taking heed and ensuring the shipping materials do not include the likes of live animals, narcotics, food, vegetables, and other such items that are subject to detailed international shipping regulations. It makes shipping cargo and ensuring safety measures for you and those accepting your cargo for shipment easier when you adhere to the guidelines prescribed by international shipping laws.  Not including these items when you are shipping personal cargo using boxes or crates on either LCL or FCL shipping, makes life easier for everyone (especially if you are opting for LCL shipping as the entire shipment may be detained in the event you include any of these restricted items). Therefore, take a moment to check out the Restricted Items List as per the destination country to stay on the safe side when shipping cargo.

Furthermore, packing your goods will required due attention, including ensuring there are no empty pockets that might hurt the integrity of the shipping boxes you use. Therefore, speak to us and acquire for yourself shipping padding materials from bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam and more. Tape loose items, if you are shipping cargo of electronic nature, having regifoam moulds would be ideal, but if you don’t have them, use a large box, place packing peanuts half way up and then add your electronic items and pack the rest of the peanuts.