Send Cargo to Dubai from Melbourne

When it comes to sending your personal effects, most of us opt to send it via courier. Transco Cargo is ever ready to help you with your shipping requirements when sending goods to Dubai from Melbourne. First and foremost, you should be aware that there are certain limitations that pertains the mode of shipping that you choose to send your cargo based on the size of the shipment and often also the urgency. For example, if you’re looking at shipping a set of urgent confidential documents, then air freight would be the best option. The same applies to a limited amount of shipping boxes. However, if you’re planning on moving from Australia to Dubai, then it may be best if you choose sea shipping to save on shipping costs though you may have to give up on timing. We’ll get into all of that below!

Send Cargo to Dubai from Melbourne | Transco Cargo Australia

Firstly, there are may be various reasons why you have decided to send cargo to Dubai from Melbourne. One of the most common reasons for personal shipments overseas would be due moving. Others would be for sending personal effects or household goods, or even sending vehicles from Australia to Dubai. Based on your need, Transco Cargo will recommend the type of shipping method you should choose (whether it should be by air or by sea). However, we will also look at urgency of the goods versus feasibility, and not to mention affordability.

If you were to send cargo to Dubai from Melbourne by air, it would reach the destination between 1 to 3 business days time, whereas, if you were to send sea cargo to Dubai from Melbourne it would be more likely 20 to 25 days time. Transco Cargo sends shipments to the Gulf every Thursday.

In the event you were to choose shipping by air over sea cargo, you should also be aware that the costs would be exponentially higher. Air freight for excess luggage or personal effects is often not chosen unless there is an urgent need. For instance, if you were to choose perhaps 10 shipping boxes (such as tea chests) or even the contents of a single bedroom apartment,  you are looking at possibly paying approximately between AU$2000- AU$2500 or more based on the contents and duties. However, it would be more than double that rate if you chose to air shipping. If you were to choose to ship a car to Dubai from Australia, a similar or slightly higher rate would apply. These estimates are based on specific criteria and you should speak to Transco Cargo for a quote for the same based on your requirements.