Send Parcels with Transco Couriers

Transco Cargo recently unveiled its express courier wing, Transco Couriers! But you may be wondering, what would you send via courier? Let’s us explain; couriers are ideal for when you need urgent deliveries for the likes of parcels, letters and documents. The weight of parcels you can send with Transco Couriers are between 20kg parcels and  500g letters. When choose to send parcels with Transco Couriers, you will be able to track the goods as it passes different milestones on our website.  If you are looking for national or international couriers, look no further. We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for more information on how to send parcels with Transco Couriers.

Whether it involves national or international courier services, there are certain restrictions in place in terms of size and weight which you should be made aware of, that are evident in many countries. To ensure speed and safe passage, when you send parcels with Transco Couriers, the following guidelines should be met.

Weight Limits when you Send Parcels with Transco Couriers: Your parcels, letters and /or documents should be capped at 20kg for parcels and at 500g for letters/documents. Furthermore, you should know that the length of your parcel should be a maximum of 105cm and a girth of 140cm. The formula used to calculate the girth of your package is as follows – (width + height) x 2 = girth. The longest side of the parcel is considered the length, and the shorter sides of the parcels will be used to calculate the girth. If your item weighs less than 500g, it is considered a letter. Furthermore it should be rectangular, and not be either longer than aB4 envelope which measures at (260mm x 360mm x 20mm) and no thicker than 20mm.

Tracking Send Parcels with Transco Couriers: Your parcels and letters/documents will be sent with a tracking code, which can be monitored on our website.

Packaging options when you send parcels with Transco Couriers are easy. You can either opt for our satchels or your own packaging as long as the edges are secure.

Look for great offers such as flat rates and door delivery of your parcels with Transco couriers. Our current offer includes a flat shipping fee of AU$50 for up to 1kg documents when you courier to Sri Lanka or India.

Documentation involved when you send parcels with Transco Couriers includes needing to fill out the likes of an International Courier Declaration and a Courier Airway Bill. You can also opt to add insurance cover to safeguard yourself from damages, let us know and we will direct you to our insurance cover partners for the best cover for your courier parcels and documents.

Get in touch with us at Transco Couriers to send urgent parcels overseas with care.