Send your Excess Baggage to Sri Lanka

Packing your bags following your short or extended stay in Australia, you may find your baggage exceeding your airline baggage allowance. Airlines flying from Australia to Sri Lanka allow an average of 23kg (on a per piece basis) or 30kg (on a weight basis) per passenger and carry excess baggage fees average on around A$35 per kilogram of excess baggage. We offer you a more budget-friendly option! Simply, send your excess baggage to Sri Lanka from Australia ahead of your flight.

A little bit of planning goes a long way and you will be spared the hassle of having to deal with excess baggage fees at the airport, thus saving time and money. You’ll be able to fly to Sri Lanka without worrying about high fees, or having to leave personal effects behind due to your airline baggage allowance.

The circumstances for needing excess baggage shipping to Sri Lanka may be many. You may be an international university student, international backpackers and tourists on holiday in Australia, or travelling business people. When looking to send your excess baggage to Sri Lanka, we can assist you from start to finish. When you realise you may be over your baggage allowance, simply contact us for an obligation free quote whilst specifying the excess kilograms or the dimension of your excess baggage piece(s).

We have a few options when you need to send your excess baggage to Sri Lanka as mentioned below.

  • Air Cargo for Unaccompanied Baggage
  • Onboard Courier for Excess Baggage
  • Excess Personal Baggage via Sea Cargo

When you send your excess baggage to Sri Lanka with us via any of the above means, we also offer value added services such as our door-to-door service, where we will pick up our excess baggage from your location in Australia all way through to delivering it to the destination address in Sri Lanka.

Based on what your requirements are, we will be more than happy to assist you through all your queries concerning sending excess personal baggage to Sri Lanka. We also offer a variety of shipping boxes for your needs including packaging material should you require them. In the event, you are unsure on how to pack certain material, we can either advise you or you can choose to have us pack t for you. Your convenience is our priority as we stick to our slogan “We Love to Deliver.” With affordable rates for shipping excess baggage, you will find that Transco Cargo Australia is your best choice in excess baggage shipping to Sri Lanka.