Sending Gifts Overseas to your Loved Ones this Christmas Season

Plans during the season can always be busier than expected and you may find that keeping up with the schedule might not be easy. There will be family events, gift exchanges, seasonal merrymakings and of course lots and lots of shopping! Finding the right gift can be stressful during a busy season, and especially if you have a big family and many close friends.

Sending gifts overseas to loved ones can be the most challenging out of all gift exchanges, as you may worry if you have enough time to ship the package to the recipient on time. This would definitely be a problem, unless you choose a reliable shipping company, like Transco Cargo.

Still cannot figure out gift ideas for this season? No problem! Here are some suggestions we thought would make perfect lightweight gifts to send loved ones overseas,

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Accessories for the Season

You can send great, lightweight accessories that are in trend for the season. This is an amazing idea for family and friends who have moved overseas recently.  Choose an accessory that they could make use of, during all seasons.

Suggestions: Scarves, socks and gloves for winter, sunhat or beach wraps for summer

Transco Cargo December Shipment to India from Australia

Photo Albums

This is another great gift for someone who lives overseas. You could fill up a photo album or scrapbook with memorabilia with some hand written notes, doodles, and artwork from loved ones back home.

Suggestions: picture book albums, DIY scrapbooks,

Transco Cargo December Shipment to Fiji from Australia

Tech Accessories

These gifts are always valued by those who live away from home, especially college students or those away on employment. You could find a lightweight item that they may find useful for daily activities, or something that would help them make their professional life stress free.

Suggestions: USB portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth keyboards

Transco Cargo December Shipment to sri lanka from Australia

Jewelry and Make up

Everyone loves a little bit of pampering! These are some of the best light weight gifts you could ship overseas. We also recommend secure packaging for the jewelry and make up prior to shipment.

Suggestions: simple silver or gold plated chains, bracelets for women, sports watches or cufflinks for men, eyeliners or lip-gloss for women, lip balm for men.


Beautiful stationary can be an ideal gift for loved ones overseas. These are also perfect lightweight gifts that are easy to ship across and can be fun to shop as well.

Suggestions: small notebooks, small diaries, lightweight journals and planners

If you let your imagination roam on gift ideas, there could be endless possibilities and options. With Transco Cargo, you do not have to worry about any shipping concerns. Whether your loved ones live half way across Australia, South Africa, or even China, you can always guarantee a reliable on time delivery with Transco Cargo.

We wish all our readers an amazing December with season’s greetings from our team at Transco Cargo, Australia.