Ship Containers from Melbourne

One of our strength lies in ocean freight shipping, and with it of course, you are need to ship containers. With our base in Melbourne, if you are looking to ship containers from Melbourne to Sydney, Tasmania or further such as Singapore, Sri Lanka or any other country in the world, Transco Cargo Australia has your back. If you are looking to ship container from Melbourne via ocean freight, Transco Cargo is the best in the business.

With complete courier and delivery services included in our freight services portfolio, we strive to offer turnkey solutions for our personal and commercial cargo clientele. Coupled with our turnkey logistics solutions, we also offer total packaging services for your cargo before they embark on to be boarded onto the vessels to ship containers from Melbourne. You can opt to choose between drop off of the cargo at our three Melbourne bonded warehouses or we can simply pick them from the location the cargo is at. Under our service portfolio, we not only offer international and domestic freight, but also import and export deliveries too, just to name a few.

When you ship containers from Melbourne with Transco Cargo Australia, we can also undertake the packing and securing of the boxes and crates that may include the likes of handling electronics or computer items that require special packaging if the original packaging is not available, as well as safeguarding artwork and antiques that need special securing to withstand the long journey. With extensive care taken by our professional team of packers, your cargo will be in safe hands before they are loaded for shipping. We always recommend to utilise our packing services as ocean freight can be an arduous journey due to the power of the seas. Thus, proper care must be taken to ensure that your goods are secured within the boxes/crates with proper padding (such as with bubble wrap, cushions or foam).

You can also opt to take your excess baggage and opt to ship container from Melbourne prior to your departure so that you need not pay excess baggage handling fees at the airport. Let the Transco Cargo shipping experts help you with all the shipping documentation and the processes that need to be handled when you ship container from Melbourne with Transco Cargo. Get a quick quote for ocean freight today by visiting the Sea Freight Quotation Transco Cargo web page.