Shipping Household Goods and Personal Effects with Transco Cargo

If you are moving house and you need help shipping household goods and other personal effects from your current location to your new one (even if it’s overseas), Transco Cargo can help you.  When it comes to personal effects shipping, you acquire the boxes or crates to pack your household goods and other personal effect items. This is usually the case when you opt for LCL shipping overseas or when you are moving to another house in the same country. However, as there are various situations that may come up when packing heavy or bulky items, Transco Cargo can make life easier by offering various services. If the customer in the case of LCL shipping does the inventory, a final volume measurement is carried out before loading.Transco Cargo Staff Shipping Household Goods Personal Effect Shipping FAQ

Evaluating the Volume of Household Goods and Personal Effects for Shipping Quotes

When it comes to shipping personal effects/household goods, Transco Cargo will visit your residence to assess the cargo before providing a quote only when the goods in question is large in volume and packing will be complicated when it comes to FCL or LCL basis of shipping cargo overseas.  In all other cases, you are able to get in contact Transco Cargo by visiting the website and filling out the contact form, emailing them or even calling the hotline!

Packing Your Household Goods and Personal Effects

If you also require help with packing, Transco Cargo will send a team to ensure that your household goods and personal effects are packed correctly so that no goods will be harmed during transit. The packing service is offered at a fee. However, in the event that you wish to pack household goods/personal effects for shipment yourself, you can also purchase the likes of bubble wrap or packing fillers from the Transco Cargo warehouse. The packaging can also be delivered to your location as a value added service.  In the event that you wish to pack and load your goods without the assistance of Transco Cargo and if you have requested a FCL shipment, then Transco Cargo will  drop off the container at an agreed upon location. This is done often so that the costs to the customer is minimised.

Shipping your Vehicles

In the event you are looking to ship your car overseas in a container, along with your household goods and personal effects, in order to maximise on space and utilise the container to its fullest, Transco Cargo can setup Lashing which will allow you to load items into the same container space. However, it should be noted that most countries will require the household goods/personal effects to be loaded separately (where the vehicle and other goods are separated). In the event you need it to be sent together, the container can be separated using a wood wall loading the household goods/personal effects in the other section separating it from the vehicle.