Shipping Personal Effects: Things to Know

Here at Transco Cargo, Personal Effects Shipping is one of our prime services. Whether you’re in need of sending personal belongings, household goods, furniture or even overloaded/excess baggage, as a trusted freight forwarder in Australia with shipments all across the globe, you and your personal effects are in safe hands.

Transco Cargo Personal Effects Shipping Overseas Worldwide Deliverty

It’s a well known fact that often people flying overseas crossing and the issue of excess baggage, but rather than paying the high rates charged by airlines for the extra baggage weight, they simply choose the option of sending their overload baggage with a freight forwarder before they fly out.

The general economic trend has influenced many foreigners and international students to move to more profitable economies/countries or return to the homeland where they may find a lesser cost of living and better opportunities. With this situation, they will require their personal belongings, household appliances and even furniture to be shipped to their destination.

Once the decision to move has been made you need to make a choice to ship all or some of the personal effects via a freight forwarding company in Australia that can accommodate your requirements and is an affordable shipping option that is dependable and offers the best delivery time for shipping personal effects.

Items for Personal Effects or Excess Baggage Shipping include the likes of the following;

1. CDs

2. Books

3. Clothes

4. Household Goods

5. Household Kitchen Utensils

6. Furniture

7. Bikes

8. Beds

9. Garden and other household items are all shippable

10. Home and Office Equipment

Shipping personal effects (PE) and household goods (HHG) overseas requires you to make sure your goods are packed properly and listed in the Packing List document and a personal effect form if required.  Make sure to not include any prohibited items such as the following if you’re moving to Australia and importing personal effects/household goods where AQIS states that the likes of the following

“Outdoor furniture could harbour timber pests or be contaminated with soil or exotic weed seeds, while animal products such as meat, eggs, milk or cheese could contain diseases that could be transmitted to humans and other animals”

They are prohibited to ensure the Australian environment and agriculture industries are safe from pests and diseases”

Quarantine items may include the likes of the following;

“wooden items; food; soil on garden tools; vacuum cleaners with un-emptied dust bags; carpets; Christmas decorations; dried flowers; seeds; straws; skins; feathers; equipment used with horses or other animals; toys containing cotton waste, sand, straw or water”