What to know When Shipping Your First Cargo Container

Shipping your first cargo container can be daunting, but we are here for you. There are many factors to consider. From the country’s rules and regulations, the market and products being shipped, different terms of sale involved, cargo packing care, the roles of each part involved in the transaction, , proper documentation processes, payment terms, and insurance and means of covering yourself is important. Let us make a few things clearer so that shipping you first cargo container

Knowing the different processes and regulations when shipping your first cargo container is important. Understanding the market as well as being aware of the product’s different shipping requirement is also important. Conducting market research before you take the first step is important. Each country has its own processes so ensuring you choose a seasoned and reliable freight forwarder is an important first step to ensuring you get the due advice. If you are keen to learn more about different rules an regulations as well as the different restrictions posed by different countries, you can refer to our website on Customs Restricted Cargo. Furthermore, you should also be wary about the cultural and linguistic barriers that may come up in terms of the market, and learn more about the trade regulations and governing bodies and how they operate. Reading up on that specific countries trade websites would be a good start.

Terms of sale are usually governed by IncoTerms, but it’s important to make sure that your terms are clearly stated and expressed with your buyer, even down to the smallest cost and cover all your bases to avoid unnecessary issues later. Due diligence taken at the beginning will go a long way for a successful transaction when shipping your first cargo container. Furthermore, verifying and checking all information concerning the buyer is advised. Do your homework so you know what to expect and as well as factor in their past trade references. Checking the documentation, and not to mention ensuring you clearly define who pays for what is important to have those clearly defined.

Cargo packing care is vital to ensure that the product is safe and secure during the long journey from origin to its destination location. Understanding the extra care you need to factor  based on the product sensitivity and shipping requirements it important, from being properly supported and padding between the product dimensions and box or crate is vital. Furthermore, adding the necessary markings on the boxes and crates being loaded into your shipping container is also important to ensure that due care if taken during handling, loading and unloading.  Do not forget that there are weight limitations and proper declarations of the same need to be considered when adding items and then shipping your first cargo container. Also, plan for the cargo stowage within the container. Distribute the weight of the cargo properly  especially to avoid or exceed weight concentrations per square foot of the deck and also on either side as the probability of the container topping over is far greater especially during heavy stormy seas.

These are just a few things to consider when shipping your first cargo container. Stay tuned for more advise on shipping and logistics processes with Transco Cargo!