The Dynamics of Holiday Shipping

The holidays are upon us! It’s already December 1st! The countdown to Christmas officially begins! When it comes down to the holiday season, we often have the tendency to leave even a little bit of Christmas shopping to the last minute. However, when shipping is involved, we like to take pre-emptive action to ensure that your family and loved ones near and far can enjoy merriment and spirit of the holiday season. Therefore, this time around, we will be looking into the dynamics of holiday shipping. We’ll be sharing what you need to know to avoid the last minute rush and how to make a saving this Christmas.

First off, plan ahead of time! If you have family and friends who live further away from you or even overseas, then you need to make sure that they get their holiday gifts on time. The best way to do this is by consulting a shipping calendar of a trusted and reputed shipping company such as Transco Cargo. When you look at the Shipping Calendar and Schedule, you will find the shipment deadlines as well as the estimated arrival in the country in question.

If you are looking at a small amount of cargo and you are looking for savings, opting for sea cargo on LCL basis is the easiest way to go. However, this requires a certain level of pre-planning. Shipping cut-off dates are usually way ahead of time to factor in shipping, consolidation/de-consolidation of cargo at various ports before at the final arrival point for your shipment. By factoring in the time, which will be included in the shipment schedule, you’ll be able to take note and get your Christmas shopping done for the family and friends in question who live overseas.

Usually, the shipments to arrive in time for Christmas are despatched in October and early November. However, as the saying goes “better late than never.” Thus, we also offer some shipments in late November and early December to ensure that your family and friends are always thought about.

Ideally, if you are sending your holiday shipping by sea and you have various items for a specific group of friends or a family in mind, you can choose the right shipping box or crate size to match. Often, you can task the job of distributing the holiday shipping received in a single box or crate to a responsible friend or family member. If you are choosing to send your holiday shipping overseas, getting them all packed up in a large shipping box or crate is ideal, because you will save based on size and weight.

Often, there are many promotions based on the shipping box in size, where we offer discounted rate for consecutive purchases of shipping boxes. Of course, if sea cargo isn’t on the card in the event you have missed your cut0off dates, then you can opt for express shipping options or even via air cargo if the holiday shipping budget is not a problem. This may be best if there are only a limited amount of holiday shipments going overseas.

When it comes to your holiday shipping, Transco Cargo has you covered. Get it touch with us to make the best time to get your gifts and presents ready for your loved ones and shipped out at the earliest.