Things to Know: Cargo Shipping to India

It’s important to be aware of not only your country’s laws and regulations, but when undertaking shipping services, it’s also important to know the laws of that country too. That’s why we have put together some important things to know when using services for cargo shipping to India.

Regulations by Indian Customs

It’s important to be aware of the various regulations that pertain to cargo shipping to India by the customs authority, Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBIE). You will need to know that there are many procedures in place depending on the person sending them and being received (in terms of resident/tourist/crew) or whether the goods are in transit. Depending on these factors, there are many documents that may be needed such as Customs Declaration Forms, Airway Bills, Bill of Lading, and more. One such document is the Packing List Document is used for customs purposes and is mandatory for personal effects cargo shipping to India. Make sure you speak to a Transco Cargo Representative to find out more.

Transco Cargo Freight Services India Cargo Shipping to India

Restricted Items when Cargo Shipping to India

There are many categories that these items fall into apart from when cargo shipping to India such as with airport and port customs, postal customs and even airway transits. Nevertheless it’s crucial that you follow these regulations so that you avoid any issues when clearing them. If you require Customs Clearance services, Transco Cargo can be of assistance. Get in touch with us.

Shipment Dates to India

Stay up-to-date on the shipment dates for cargo shipping to India from Australia with Transco Cargo. With shipments to the India every month, stay on track by visiting our web page on Shipment Dates to India.

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