Things to Know When Using a Freight Forwarding Service in Australia

If you are planning on moving or sending items of large or bulky nature to a location that is somewhat a great distance be it by road, sea or air, then you will require a freight forwarding service in Australia. You may need them to either carry out a singular service or act as a one-stop-shop for your freighting needs, where they will handle everything from sorting out the paperwork, to customs and more. This service is also known as customs brokerage. No matter the requirement you are looking for in terms of your logistics needs, with its reputation of reliability, as well as its global reach and service levels, you know you are in good hands.

Transco Cargo | Freight Forwarding in Australia

For anyone who is planning on using an import/export freight forwarding service in Australia, they should be made aware of the various documents that do need their attention as well as what the law states in terms what goods are safe to be transported and much more. This is why Transco Cargo is dedicated to not only providing a reliable service but also making sure that their loyal customers are well informed to avoid any issues down the road.

When it comes to Commercial Cargo, there are certain documents that need attention such as the Shippers Letter of Instruction which needs to be filled out by the Shipper and sent with the goods being shipped. With Personal Effects shipping, there are several forms and documents such as the Shipping Declaration Form which is another form that has to be filled and handed over along with your goods, the Door Delivery Service Agreement which should be attached to the Shipping Declaration Form (this form is mandatory for door delivery personal effects sent to Sri Lanka), and the Packing List which is the packing list document is used for customs purposes and is mandatory for personal effects sent to India.

Apart from the above, you should also be aware of the various customs regulations pertaining to freight forwarding in Australia and other countries you are hoping to carry out import/export. Important information that relates to the products that you are freighting, be it about duty rates, relevant information and documents & restrictions such as the Description of Goods (HS Code) or other information relating to the shipping and destination countries may be found on the Transco Cargo Important Information section. You might also find the Restricted Items listing per country useful too.