Tips for Excess Baggage Shipping from Australia

Finding it difficult to fit the contents of all your belongings from your trip to Australia before heading out to your next destination? Whether you’ve visited the land down under for business or pleasure, you may often find yourself with excess personal baggage prior to your flight back. More often than not, the realisation of being over the baggage allowance limit may occur at the airport when checking in your baggage. That is when the high excess baggage fees hit you. To avoid this, we recommend your consider the service of excess baggage shipping from Australia to the country you are travelling to.

We recommend a few things to avoid high excess baggage fees at the airport, including how to opt for excess baggage shipping from Australia ahead of time.

Purchasing a Travel Baggage Scale

As a pre-emptive action, we recommend that you invest in a travel baggage scale that lets you weigh the luggage in hand. These are portable ad are a great way to find out how much your packed baggage weighs so that you have the choice of dividing contents of your baggage between the various options allowed by the airline of choice.

Knowing your Baggage Allowances

Visiting the airline’s website is the easiest way to find out how much checked luggage is allowed on your flight against the seating option that you have purchased. This information is also usually included when you purchase a ticket, but checking the website also offers you more information, including the excess baggage fees associated with the airline too. With all the information in hand, you can then make an informed decision, that is whether to sending your excess baggage from Australia ahead of time or to pay the excess baggage fees.

Excess Baggage Shipping from Australia

If you have chosen to use courier services for excess baggage shipping from Australia, then you should be aware that the process is a simple one. Contact Transco Cargo to get a quick quote from them either via the website or calling the hotline at +61 3 9357 7228. You can either then choose to drop the excess baggage at our offices in Melbourne or at our Australia-wide agents, or even organise a pick-up from your location. We also offer a variety of shipping box options as well as packing materials, which can be requested in advance.

Excess Baggage Fees

If you do opt to chance the high excess baggage fees whether it’s lack of time or otherwise, you can either pay the fees at the airport or you can opt to visit your airline’s website and purchase extra baggage allowance.