Tokyo 2020 Freight Forwarding and Customs Guide

Whilst Japan prepares for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics games in Tokyo, some freight forwarding and customs guides have been adjusted to for those exporting and importing to and from Japan concerning Olympiad formalities and equipment. These concern those that are considered Game Stakeholders, that is people or organizations that involved in the games in question and who are responsible for not only arranging for their freight forwarding but also undertake customs clearance as well. Whilst you will be able to handle these on your own, should you need help, Transco Cargo can assist in arranging logistics from Australia to Tokyo and ensuring all formalities are taken care of.

Be prepared

There are several locations in which the games will be held at, with eight stadiums being chosen, seven on the mainland and one on the island of Hokkaido Prefecture. When its for import or export, all parties must declare the cargo goods, including the product’s name, quantities, prices and other information deemed necessary by the Japanese customs authorities for due investigations by the customs officers. Furthermore, all taxes will required to be paid. This will include tariffs when it involves importing. Games stakeholders will also be required to process through formalities to garner permission for the import/export of the cargo.

Know what is expected

It should be noted that the formalities are processed through an information-processing system called NACCS, which stands for Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System.  It enables individuals or organizations to pay the tax online. The process of import/export declaration is complex as are the laws involved and thus will require expert knowledge and the use of a customs broker will prove beneficial.

Get help

Import formalities include tariffs and internal consumption taxes, import declaration, having all relevant documents ready for import declaration, following the import regulations and requirements, organizing bonded transport, facilitating international postal matters, and ensuring that a courier delivers the goods. In the event there is no party in Japan to handle the import declaration, it is possible to appoint an individual residing in Japan as an ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedures).  In the event there is a representative in japan, they are liable for a tax exemption provided the exemptions are met. Export formalities on the other hand will include the re-export of temporarily imported goods and complying to the prohibited/regulated goods for export.

By tasking your logistics partner to ensure that your cargo for the Tokyo 2020 Games are properly handled, shipped and cleared through customs, you are able to focus on winning!