Track Cargo Shipments

It is always a good rule of thumb to know where you stuff is, whether you are looking at your personal or monetary possessions. Clearly knowing exactly what you have and where is considered being responsible. Thus, when it comes to wanting to track cargo shipments, having an easy way of doing so goes a long way.

Primarily choosing responsible and reliable shipping company is the first step towards a good transaction.  You can track cargo shipments in a few ways. One would be via your freight forwarders website such as Transco Cargo’s cargo tracking feature. Another would be via third party websites. Let us first talk about how Transco Cargo offers you the option to track cargo shipments with ease. All you need is either your B/L number or VIN number. When you get onto the Transco Cargo website, on the bottom right corner, you will find yourself with the following floating box, which offers you the option to enter in either a B/L number or the VIN number in order to track cargo shipments sent via Transco Cargo.

Track Cargo Shipments via B/L Number

First and foremost, the “B/L” stands for Bill of Lading, which is issued for any cargo, and issued during the shipping process acting as a unique identification method for the shipment in question.  The B/L number is made up of 15 characters, often which the first four character represents the carrier. Its simple.

Track Cargo Shipments via VIN Number

For those who have chosen to ship automobiles via sea freight, then you can opt to use the VIN number. When it comes to auto shipping, you can do this in two major ways. One is using the RO –RO system, which stands for Roll On/Roll Off. The vehicle in question is driven onto the vessel and driven off at the destination. The other would be transporting it within a container. Both these shipping options can be tracked via the VIN number.

It’s that easy. Get ease of mind by being able to track cargo shipments from wherever you are with click.