Transco Cargo holds free seminar in Australia

Transco Cargo, Australia’s leading cargo firm will be celebrating 25 years of operation in the industry since its establishment in 1991. The firm is currently a leading logistics and transportation services provider in Australia and worldwide. Throughout the years, Transco Cargo’s team of professionals have dedicated their service to ensure the organization provides the best of service to customers globally.


A free seminar was held in Sydney, Australia recently following the accomplishment of Transco Cargo’s successful year in 2015 of exports and imports. Transco Cargo provided a presentation of its success story, followed by a detailed description of the logistics industry and the services offered by Transco Cargo. Transco Cargo also discussed the importance of Incoterms and the levels of business entries related to exports and imports in Australia.

We had a good response to the personalities who are willing to start up a business related to Exports & Imports in Australia” stated Mr. Mohan Perera, CEO of Transco Cargo. “Many businesses were keen on receiving information about incoterms and its relation to business, so they found our infographics and videos extremely useful.” added Mr. Thushara, Operations Manager of Transco Cargo.

Transco Cargo’s objective was to educate businesses on the industry of logistics, and the importance of incoterms related to exports and imports in Australia. They further discussed the type of freight forwarding and the importance related documentation processes for businesses. The free seminar closed with a Q and A session, followed by light refreshments.

The firm was also featured on Australia’s Channel 31, where they discussed the industry of logistics and defined the business in terms of exports, imports and types of freight services they currently offer. They also discussed the differences between air and sea freight, its benefits to the customer. The complete interview can be viewed below