Victorian Government offers a Boost to Regional Rail Network and Workforce

The Victorian Government has announced that they will proceed with a $126 million investment to improve rail network services for freight and passengers for the state of Victoria. The improvements have been designed to upgrade and support regional communities and also improve the workforce, and help in boosting the local economy in the region.

The freight improvements will focus on renewing crossing equipment for added community safety, repairing ballasts, and replacing sleepers along the approximated 400km critical freight only rail network lines. Furthermore, the works intended will aid in supporting the growth of regional growers and exporters in an effort to make the move from road networks to railway. This will also aid agricultural farmers get their bulk commodities access the key domestic and international markets with more ease and facilitate farm to port quicker.

A further $36 million will be spent on maintaining the V/line Class fleet, which will also support the local workforce in Bendigo and Melbourne. Furthermore, 20 more workers with expertise in engineering, repair works, and cleaning will also be hired for the V/line fleet maintenance team.

These maintenance works are part of the Victorian Government’s investments towards freight, public transport, road upgrades, and not to mention, means of which to create/support more than 600 personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Building Works package, hopes to kick start the economy and support workers during COVID-19.