What to Know When Shipping to Samoa

Following the extensive experience of imports and exports to Samoa, Transco Cargo has put together a quick guide on shipping into Samoa. Along with its booming tourism, and demand for imports, Samoa operates one of the busiest airports in the region – offering well-planned shipping connections to destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and the United States of America. The shipping connections also extend to Asian destinations such as China, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. The region’s flourishing business sector has demanded great shipping requirements over the past few decades, and Transco Cargo has supplied to many of these needs successfully.

Shipping to Samoa with Transco Cargo

The Samoa State is a cluster of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Until 1962, the state was under the governance of New Zealand, which was then declared independence with the new Independent State of Samoa strengthening a steady political relationship. The growing tourism sector in the state accounts for 25% of the country’s’ total GDP, which has also escalated the demand for imports into the state.

Items that are prohibited

Apart from the regular list of prohibited items, the Independent State of Samoa has an extensive list of items, which are not allowed to pass territory.

Food and Beverages

The list includes various types of food such as meat, dried and canned food, uncooked fish and fish eggs, and certain types of fruits and vegetables.  Agricultural basics such as plants seeds, soil, plants, and animal pesticides are also prohibited. Types of alcohol such as absinthe are also prohibited from entry, and it is always safest to check the entire list of items with Transco Cargo prior to shipping.

Clothing, Furniture, Souvenirs

Items created from endangered species such as fur coats, leather clothing made of animal leather and certain souvenirs imported from Hawaii are also prohibited from entry. Cultural artefacts and certain antiques have been banned although specific sculptures many require validation and permission prior to entry.

Hazardous Materials

Items such as fireworks, uncategorized toys, and items that pose the threat to health, cannot be imported to Samoa. This includes medications that contain prohibited substances.

Customs Documentation

Transco Cargo will ensure all your required documentation for your shipment is completed prior to shipping to Samoa. As with all regions outside of the EU, the rightful customs documentation should be completed and sent along with the shipment. Always remember that these documents are the sender’s responsibility and should be completed by an experienced logistics provider for accuracy.

Packaging your items

Packaging your items are just as important as pre-checks and documentation. Your package will be travelling across the seas to its final destination, so it is essential that the items are bound securely. Wrap all fragile items in bubble wrap or paper tissue ensure they are secure, also make sure that all edges of the boxes are taped down with a strong masking tape. Always use a non-erasable marker to write the address clearly do the details are not removed during transportation, and that it will be easier to locate amongst other items for shipping to Samoa.