What to Look Forward to in 2021 in Shipping News

With wishes for the New Year, we hope our customers and readers alike are hopeful for what 2021 is to bring. 2020 was definitely a challenging year to say the least, with many trials and tribulations along the way, with the global pandemic affecting every corner of the world. However, we look towards to the future with hope with the vaccines being produced and distributed around the world. A look back at 2020 and how it ended gives us a great idea on what to look forward to in 2021 in shipping news and shows us what to expect in terms of the trends and the direction that the global logistics industry is at. Here are our highlights on what to look forward to in 2021 in shipping news.

Australia reduced its COVID-19 lockdown in a phased approach, with industrial actions also coming to a truce state for the sake of the economy.

Looking to exports there have been some concerns in various parts of the world.

Exports to China have encountered delayed entry into China, which has thus resulted in commercial losses. However, the Australian Government will continue to provide support in terms of certification of goods being exported to China but exporters are being made aware of the losses they could incur due to the entry delays and thereafter the costs and/or losses that may come with it, including congestion surcharges.

India too has been facing some shipping issues, such as lack of containers along with space. Whilst carrier bookings have picked up with considerations to container availability, there are delays and congestions at transshipment ports such as Colombo, Singapore, and Port Kelang. However, there is hope that by mid-2021 in shipping news will keep improving.

Shipments to the UK are still facing congestion issues with some cargo being stranded in different ports and shortages in feeders, carriers are facing cost issues whilst berths are being made available.

The USA has increased inland road pricing which has impacted exporters, mostly due to the pandemic but also due to congestions at ports and terminals. Furthermore, congestion surcharges have also been imposed by the likes of CMA CGM.

Australian ports have significantly reduced its congestion issues and delays and there is hope for 2021 in shipping news. However, despite these, there is hope in 2021 in shipping news with logistic experts profits this year with all the changes expected.